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The Lifeline of Your Garage Door: Cables

Your garage door relies on sturdy cables to lift and lower without turning into a free-falling hazard. These steel strands may be strong but aren't immune to wear and tear. Over time, fraying or snapping can occur due to tension or weathering—a clear sign you need professional help fast.Here's why fixing them pronto matters: When one cable breaks, its partner takes on extra load, risking more damage or even injury from sudden failure. Eric Garage Doors understands this urgency; we jump right in with same-day service because waiting isn't an option when safety’s on the line.

Groove Is In The Heart...And Tracks.

If your garage door track gets bent or misaligned—the groove where rollers glide—it throws off everything else. A bump here means strain there; before you know it, opening your garage feels like pushing a boulder uphill both ways—in snowshoes.We've seen every twist and turn these tracks can take at Eric Garage Doors. Our techs come equipped not just with tools but experience—to spot issues fast and get those tracks back in tip-top shape quicker than you can say "smooth sailing."

Avoid DIY Disasters: Get Experts Onboard

You might think tweaking a few bolts will do the trick—until that 'quick fix' turns into a weekend project gone wrong. Let's be real: complex mechanisms need skilled hands.This isn’t about pride—it’s about precision. You wouldn’t fly a plane after reading an article, so why gamble with something as critical as your home security?